Sardinia Trekking Tour Guide

The Sardinia Trekking Tour Guide is responsible for leading a group of tourists on a trekking tour of the island of Sardinia. The guide will ensure the safety and enjoyment of the group, and provide historical information about the region.

The Trekking Tour Guide is a key part of the team who will be responsible for providing the best possible experience for guests. This person will be responsible for planning and executing all aspects of the trek including equipment, logistics, food (if necessary), and entertainment. You will be leading and managing day hikes, excursions, daily or multi-day treks in the region of Sardinia. The guide is responsible for safety and well-being of guests, as well as ensuring that any required permits are obtained on time.

Sardinia trekking tour guide


  1. Lead day hikes and multi-day treks in the region of Sardinia
  2. Ensure that all members are comfortable with their surroundings and enjoy themselves
  3. Be able to lead an adventurous journey through beautiful scenery, while ensuring safety and comfort levels are maintained at all times
  4. Manage guest satisfaction by ensuring appropriate logistics, food (if necessary), and entertainment are provided
  5. Manage guests, ensuring safety and well-being of all guests throughout trip
  6. Secure all required permits for all trips
  7. Lead groups on tours in a safe manner
  8. Ensure that all guests are operating within their capacity level
  9. Provide historical information about the region
  10. Maintain high quality standards for all tour activities
  11. Be able to work outside in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, wind, or heat
  12. Have excellent communication skills in both Italian and English
  13. Provide guests with a memorable stay in Italy’s most beautiful and historic region
  14. Plan personalized itineraries for the private tours with an emphasis on local culture and history
  15. Establish relationships with local suppliers and craftsmen to ensure an authentic experience