Highlights of Cagliari City Tour

    The highlights of Cagliari city tour include Door of lions, Cathedral of Santa Maria, Tower of Saint Pancras, Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and Cagliari Jewish Ghetto. These are all worth visiting with an expert Sardinia tour guide.


    Cagliari is a city in Italy and the capital of the island region of Sardinia. The city is located on the Gulf of Cagliari, with a population of about 155,000 and it . It is a coastal city in the southern part of Sardinia, Italy. It has a rich history and culture that is still preserved today.

    The best way to explore Cagliari is by taking a small group Cagliari city tour with our expert guides who know all the hidden gems. Our tour guides will provide you with information about its history, culture, art and architecture. They will also show you how to enjoy all these aspects in addition to providing you with some fun activities.

    Cagliari Tour Itinerary

    Our tour begins with a good morning coffee in the historic Caffè Tramer to taste a delicious meringue whose secret recipe comes from Switzerland at the end of the 19th century.

    Beyond the Door of lions, along one of the famous Pisan wrinkles we will arrive at the Cathedral of Santa Maria, built in the 13th century.

    After the visit we will reach the Tower of Saint Pancras to tell the foundation of the district.

    You can opt for a visit to the Archaeological Museum known also as the Royal Palace, to end our tour on the ramparts of the Holy Cross, near the Jewish Ghetto, and then have an aperitif on the belvedere terrace of the Libarium café.

    The Duration of the Cagliari City Tour

    The duration of a Cagliari City Tour is about 2 hours. You can book this tour in English, Spanish, French and Italian languages.

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