Berchidda Olbia Wine Museum Tour

    Berchidda Olbia Wine Museum Tour is a private tour from Olbia and around. The tour takes about two hours.

    Wine, in Sardinian: “Su Inu”. Il vino veritas: “In wine, there is truth”. Get ready to enjoy the true stories of the wine production in our island.

    During our wine-ethnographic path in our Berchidda Wine Museum, we will learn about the wine the production in Sardinia and its cultural aspects.

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    History & Beautiful view & Wine!

    You will get information about the steps of the wine production in the island. You will listen modest sympathetic traditions. You will have an understanding of:

    • Primeval work tools
    • The cultivation of the land
    • Care of the vineyards
    • The pressing of grapes, why and some technical details
    • The cork processing
    • The bottling technics
    • Ancient cargo ships of the wine (Ancient Fed-Ex)
    • The process of the wine when it reached to the Sardinian ports.

    Wine Tasting in Berchidda Olbia Sardinia

    At the end, the part which everybody is waiting for: “Tasting”

    • The price of wine tasting which is optional (4€ per person)
    • The entrance fee which is obligatory (3€ per person)

    is not included to our tour price. If you wish, you can pay it directly to the wine museum.

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