Bonifacio Corsica Island France Tour

    The Bonifacio Corsica Island France Tour is a full day excursion to Bonifacio in Corsica also includes the opportunity to visit the northern part of Sardinia before you sail over to Corsica. After reaching the port, our ferry crosses the Bonifacio Strait, which is the stretch of water that separates Corsica from Sardinia. This small stretch of water is home to some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see and continues to be a tourist trap for those visiting this part of Italy. Crossing the Bonifacio Strait lasts around an hour.

    Bonifacio is located on the picturesque French Island of Corsica. It’s a fantastic place to visit for anyone who wants to experience the quintessential Mediterranean island life. With its striking views and historical sites, it is one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

    If you have time and would like a beautiful excursion, take our trip through this beautiful landscape. You’ll be able to see various aspects of the area, including the distinctive white limestone cliffs, the little town on top of a hill called Bonifacio which can be seen across the whole port all the way to where it meets with the Strait. You’ll also see this breathtaking nature that’s typical for the area, architecture that’s unique to these places, and souvenirs where each item is handmade.

    When we finish our sailing on the open ocean and taking in the view of the spectacular town of Bonifacio hanging above the blue sea, we arrive in this picturesque port.

    The Marina has straight, brightly-colored houses lining the port with many different restaurants, bars & souvenirs shops. There are also several shops with luxury yachts which make it a popular place to walk around and admire.

    The harbor is an important part of this town. It’s connected to the old part of the town by a series of steps that are not too steep for most people to walk up and down. The steps do get quite narrow in some stretches that we recommend standing tall and holding the handrail to prevent slipping or tripping. The old, charming city has narrow, stone paved streets that are perfect for picture-taking. You can see a beautiful view of the northern coast of Sardinia and the La Maddalena archipelago when you look out from the top.

    Bonifacio Port

    Bonifacio is a beautiful city with an interesting history. The island of Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, has a lot to offer for both history buffs and nature enthusiasts. The Bonifacio town was the place where Napoleon Bonaparte lived for a while. He was just an ambitious soldier at that point and didn’t conquer the Corsica Island yet.

    You will find a square where the fish market used to take place, grain stores and the cathedral which dates back to the 12th century.

    You may decide to visit also the famous King of Aragon‘s steps: The walkway that stretches 167 steps out of the sheer rock connecting the town with the sea level or the old fortress, is a much-needed addition to this place.

    Besides having a chance to take in some of the sights and sounds of this beautiful historic town, travelers will also have the opportunity to shop for some typical souvenirs: chestnut ice cream, chestnut beer, earrings with small shells, objects made with cork, and more.

    The Bonifacio Corsica Island France Tour is a day trip from Sardinia that takes you to visit some important sights in Bonifacio. You will also have time to walk around and enjoy this beautiful place. It has a beautiful corsican beach that can be visited with a tour or boat.

    Bonifacio Corsica France sea and town view from the sky

    Bonifacio, the Jewel of the South

    Bonifacio is one of Corsica’s jewels which you should not miss. It is located in the South of the Island and it’s surrounded by some of France’s most spectacular beaches, many of which are perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

    Bonifacio Hill

    If you are looking for a beautiful Sardinia holiday excursion destination, you should visit Bonifacio Corsica Island. It is one of the most attractive islands in the Mediterranean Sea and also an excellent place for excursions. It has an old medieval town with narrow streets, exceptional view-points and lovely beaches.

    What will you see on your day trip?

    Our day trip will show you the highlights of Bonifacio and some of its lesser known sights.

    Why Should You Go to Bonifacio?

    You should go to Bonifacio because it is one of the most serene and beautiful destinations in the world.

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