Sardinia Stand Up Paddling Tour Guide

The Sardinia Stand Up Paddling Tour Guide is responsible for leading people on a stand up paddleboard tour of the beautiful Sardinia coast. The guide must be able to navigate the waves and currents, provide first-hand knowledge of the island’s topography and history, and ensure guests have a blast on their adventure.

The Sardinia SUP Tour Guide must be able to provide a memorable experience for all guests, by providing a tour that is both informative and entertaining.

The Sardinia Stand Up Paddling Tour Guide will be a team member of an adventure tour company that offers stand up paddle tours in the beautiful and remote Sardinia. The guide will have their own boat, and lead up to 12 guests on the tour.

sardinia stand up paddling tour guide


  1. Lead up to 12 guests on stand up paddle tours through the beautiful Sardinian countryside
  2. Be knowledgeable about the island and its topography and history, as well as its flora and fauna
  3. Discover hidden beaches, natural wonders, and stunning landscapes
  4. Educate guests about the history of the region and its people
  5. Provide guests with all necessary equipment (paddle, life jacket, etc.)
  6. Provide guests with equipment, safety instruction, and paddling instruction
  7. Ensure that all guests are able to safely paddle on their own by sharing safety tips and practices
  8. Provide a personalized experience for the private tours and offer an informative tour for all guests
  9. Act as an ambassador for the company and ensure guests have a great time on their stay
  10. Assist guests
    • Know where on the island you are and how to get to other parts of the island
    • Know the history of the island, its culture and its geography
    • Be familiar with the flora and fauna of the island
    • in navigating the tour around any unforeseen hazards like rocks or shallow water
  11. Ensure guests have a blast on their adventure by providing them feedback throughout the tour
  12. Maintain a positive attitude while ensuring all guests are safe
  13. Maintain professionalism and excellent guest relations at all times
  14. Ensure that all the tours are completed accurately and timely
  15. Monitor weather conditions throughout the day to ensure comfort of all participants
  16. Plan for any emergency situations that may arise


  1. Experience as an outdoor guide or instructor of outdoor activities with knowledge of paddling techniques
  2. Knowledge of current weather