Sardinia Food Tour Guide

The Sardinia Food Tour Guide takes guests on a journey through the world of Sardinian food with a personal touch. This is an exciting opportunity to join our team and take part in the Sardinia Food & Wine Tours.

The Sardinia Food Tour Guide will take foodies on an unforgettable culinary adventure in the beautiful, rugged and varied landscape of the region. You will be responsible for planning and hosting a food tour of Sardinia, Italy. You will be providing guests with a unique experience of the island’s culture through their senses.


  1. Lead small groups of guests on a tour around the island, visiting local producers, producers that are related to the area and those that are not
  2. Provide guests with an unforgettable culinary experience by cooking authentic Sardinian dishes with local ingredients
  3. Create itineraries for each group; in particular, foodies will be given more time to explore the culinary heritage of this beautiful island. Provide an educational experience to guests by sharing the history of the island’s culture
  4. Plan and lead food tours that are tailored to each guest’s interests for the private tours. Create a personalized menu that reflects their interests and desires.
  5. Lead group tours to the best restaurants in the area, including those off the beaten path
  6. Provide all necessary information about the destination, including history, culture, cuisine, and wine regions
  7. Be knowledgeable about the area and be able to answer questions about Sardinia’s history and culture
  8. Have excellent interpersonal skills and show empathy at all times
  9. Engage guests in conversation through storytelling
  10. Maintain a professional appearance at all times
  11. Assist guests with packing/unpacking needs