The Sardinia Canoe Tour Guide

The Sardinia Canoe Tour Guide is responsible for providing excellent customer service and facilitating a memorable experience for all guests. This includes leading the group through the “Sardinia by Canoe” guided tour, ensuring that all guests are safe, happy and comfortable. You will operate the company’s fleet of specialized canoes, as well as for overseeing the other guides (if there are). You will be providing guests with a memorable experience by teaching them about the local culture, history, and wildlife.

You will plan and conduct tours that highlight the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and its islands. You will lead groups of guests on kayaks or canoes, as well as provide instruction and safety equipment.

Sardinia canoe tour guide


  1. Plan, organize and conduct tours that highlight the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and its islands
  2. Teach guests about paddling techniques, safety precautions, marine ecology, and paddling etiquette
  3. Communicate with guests about tour information, weather conditions and other relevant topics
  4. Maintain and service company fleet of specialized canoes
  5. Coordinate with other departments on a daily basis to ensure that all needed resources are in place
  6. Provide an enjoyable, memorable experience for all guests
  7. Manage the group throughout the tour to ensure a safe, pleasant and fun experience
  8. Ensure that all guests have a positive experience with the company
  9. Maintain safety of guests throughout the tour
  10. Ensure guests are safe at all times during tours
  11. Maintain professional appearance at all times


  • Deep experience about canoeing