Sardinia Kayaking Tour Guide

The Sardinia Kayaking Tour Guide will be responsible for teaching and leading a group of kayakers on a day tour or a multi-day tour around the island of Sardinia. As a guide, the individual will be responsible for paddling with the group, teaching basic kayaking skills, and ensuring that all participants are comfortable.

We are looking for a kayaking tour guide to lead small groups of people on their kayak tours of Sardinia.

Sardinia kayaking tour guide


  1. Lead tours with a maximum of 10 participants
  2. Provide instruction to participants in water and land based activities
  3. Provide safety guidelines and instructions to participants throughout their time on the island
  4. Ensure that all members of the group are safe and have fun while on the tour
  5. Follow instructions from the company’s safety guidelines
  6. Prepare daily reports on activity levels and weather conditions (if needed)
  7. Maintain a positive attitude, professionalism, and high level of customer service
  8. Provide professional, friendly, and personalized service
  9. Maintain high standards of safety and professionalism throughout the organization
  10. Be knowledgeable about the various aspects of Sardinia’s landscape, culture, history, and cuisine
  11. Maintain high levels of responsibility, motivation, enthusiasm, and integrity
  12. Create a positive atmosphere for all members of the group by maintaining good communication throughout their time on the island
  13. Be able to exercise patience with participants
  14. Have excellent communication skills


  • Experience as a professional
Sardinia kayaking sea sunset