Things To Do in Olbia

    Olbia is a coastal city in Sardinia, Italy. It’s located near some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and has a rich history and culture.

    Olbia is situated on the Costa Smeralda coast and one of its most attractive features is its beaches. The city’s position offers visitors proximity to some of the most stunning beaches in Italy, such as Portisco, Baja Sardinia, Capriccioli and Bados.

    Olbia Excursions

    There are various cultural attractions in Olbia that also make it an attractive tourist destination. Our Olbia excursions are the top choice for the tourists which would like to use their Sardinia holiday time efficiently. The town’s Archeological Museum displays artifacts from the Punic era (9th-5th century BC) and artefacts from Roman period. Carthage was an ancient city in the north of Africa, near today’s Tunis. It became one of the most important cities in the Mediterranean. The Romans destroyed Carthage in 146 BC, but it had already started to decline two centuries before because of centuries-long wars with Rome. Today its ruins are just outside Tunis.

    This is why people are so attracted to the area.

    In Olbia There are Endless Activities for Visitors to Engage In

    The best way to see the beauty of Olbia is to explore it on foot. If you want to spend less time walking and more time exploring, try our Olbia excursions. There is so much to see in Olbia, including spectacular beaches.

    To experience the best of what Olbia has to offer, consider taking one of its many boat tours. One of the most popular routes starts at Porto Rotondo and sails all the way around Palau. You can also take a boat ride out into the Golfo Aranci and explore some of the most picturesque coves in Sardinia.

    Head up onto Golfo Aranci for panoramic views over Olbia’s historic center and stop by San Simplicius Cathedral for an architectural tour.

    The Culture of Olbia is Rich with History and Fun Facts

    Olbia is a city with a diverse and rich culture that is worth exploring. With its beautiful architecture and lively atmosphere, Olbia has something to offer for everyone.

    Olbia can be explored by foot or on your bike. For those who want to explore the city on the water, there are ferries that will allow you to see the coastline as you cross over from the mainland. If you would rather stay at home there are plenty of museums and galleries in Olbia that will satisfy your curiosity about this culturally rich region.

    Olbia’s history is depicted in many of its indoor exhibitions as well as outdoor monuments such as statues scattered throughout the city center and throughout the old town districts.

    For those looking for an exciting day out exploring Olbia, we recommend:

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