Sardinia Wine Tasting Tour Guide

The Sardinia Wine Tasting Tour Guide is responsible for leading wine tours through the wine regions of Sardinia. The tour guide will serve as a cultural ambassador, offering guests an opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and traditions of Sardinia.

In this position, you will be leading small groups of people on a tour of Sardinia’s wine regions, wine-making traditions, and the island’s history. The guide will be responsible for ensuring that the group has an enjoyable experience, as well as for maximizing revenue potential through ticket sales and other incentives.

You will coordinate all aspects of your wine tours.

Wine tasting tour guide


  1. Lead wine tastings and provide tasting notes in a timely manner
  2. Lead groups of up to 12 people (about 3 hours) around Sardinia’s wine regions and wine-making traditions
  3. Communicate with tour guests about the history and culture of Sardinia. Provide comprehensive historical information about the region and island.
  4. Provide information about the wineries visited on each tour, including winery locations, tasting notes, and key attributes of the wines
  5. Provide information about food and wine pairings (if applicable)
  6. Lead guided tastings, including identifying wines by aroma, taste, flavor, and finish
  7. Maintain a list of all scheduled tours on a daily basis
  8. Maintain a professional appearance at all times when on tour
  9. Provide guests with insights into the region’s wine culture and history
  10. Provide guests with insight into local cuisine and dishes
  11. Serve as a cultural ambassador for the region
  12. Manage itinerary and logistics of day to day activities
  13. Coordinate transportation (driver, car rental) for day trips
  14. Schedule workplace visits with wineries
  15. Explain how to shop for the perfect bottle of wine in each region
  16. Maintain a professional appearance for the wine tours (e.g., wearing appropriate attire)