Sardinia Kitesurf Tour Guide

The Sardinia Kitesurf Tour Guide is responsible for delivering a world-class experience for their guests related to the Kitesurf. The guide will work with guests to help them enjoy the best possible time on the water, ensuring that their experience is the best it can be. This includes helping guests to find their way around and delivering a memorable and unique experience.

Sardinia is famous for its kiteboarding and windsurfing. We are looking for a Kitesurf Tour Guide who is passionate about the island and its culture. You will be responsible for leading groups of travelers on a Kitesurf Tour, ensuring they have a great time, travelling throughout the island, and providing an unforgettable experience.

Sardinia kitesurf tour guide, kiteboarding


  1. Provide pre-tour information to customers to ensure customer satisfaction
  2. Be aware of all policies and procedures for guest safety
  3. Be aware of all policies and procedures for equipment safety
  4. Make sure all tour members are safe and well cared for while travelling on tour
  5. Be able to speak English fluently
  6. Have a passion for kitesurfing, surfing, and windsurfing
  7. Respond to customer inquiries promptly and professionally
  8. Ensure all group members are following the group rules
  9. Be friendly towards customers, ensuring they have a good time on their tours