Sardinia Horse Riding Tour Guide

The Sardinia Horse Riding Tour Guide is responsible for ensuring that the guests have a safe and memorable experience of horseback riding. The guide must be able to work in all weather conditions and deal with guests with professionalism and tact. You are a professional horse riding tour guide and can provide horse riding experiences to individuals, families and small groups.

Sardinia horse riding tour guide


  1. Provide excellent service throughout the day from the moment you start your tour to when you finish
  2. Inspire guests with your knowledge of the island’s history, culture, flora and fauna
  3. Ensure the safety of the horses during rides
  4. Ensure that guests are comfortable during their stay
  5. Communicate with customers in order to make them feel valued
  6. Understand the needs of each guest and tailor the tour accordingly for the private tours
  7. Develop a personal relationship with guests to ensure they feel at home
  8. Ensure all areas are safe for guests to explore
  9. Maintain the integrity of our
  10. Be able to speak English fluently as well as Italian


  • Be at least 20 years old
  • Have experience working with horses