Sardinia Hiking Tour Guide

The Sardinia Hiking Tour Guide will be responsible for leading a group of guests on a walking tour of Sardinia, Italy. The hiking guide will lead guests on the tour while they explore the island and learn about the culture and history of the island. The hiking guide will also be responsible for providing information about Sardinia’s attractions locally.

This is a fun, active job that’s perfect for someone who loves the outdoors. You’ll be the person who makes sure our guests have a great time on their trip and that they get the most out of their experience.

Sardinia hiking tour guide


  1. Lead hikes to points of interest
  2. Provide information about the area and its attractions, history, culture, and outdoor activities
  3. Answer questions about hiking trails and other outdoor activities
  4. Update guests on weather conditions and how they might impact their plans if they are staying longer than expected
  5. Lead group tours by providing information about the history and culture of Sardinia
  6. Maintain positive and professional relationship with guests
  7. Maintain a safe environment for all guests


  • Experience working in a similar position
  • Previous experience of conducting hiking tours