Sardinia Fishing Tour Guide

The Sardinia Fishing Tour Guide is a steward who assists the captain with fishing, leading guests on day excursions, and ensuring that all guests are safe and happy.

Working as a fishing tour guide in Sardinia, Italy, you will be the face of our company on the island. You’ll meet and greet our guests at the pier, taking them on a private charter to explore the area, and ensuring that they have an amazing experience with us.

The fishing tour guide is responsible for the day-to-day operation of a fishing charter. This includes managing, and coordinating with customers and staff, as well as ensuring safety standards are met. They also assist in cooking and cleaning if needed.

Sardinia fishing tour guide


  1. Greet and meet all of our guests upon arrival
  2. Leading day excursions to the best fishing areas in Sardinia
  3. Assisting guests with fishing
  4. Ensuring safety of guests, including evacuation plans and emergency procedures. Ensure safety standards are met for all customers, crew, and staff.
  5. Providing information about the local environment and culture to guests
  6. Cooking and cleaning as needed (with supervision)
  7. Reporting eventful activities on a schedule to the captain
  8. Maintaining a positive attitude and helping create an enjoyable atmosphere for guests
  9. Provide excellent customer service to every customer; handle any difficult situation with diplomacy
  10. Maintain high levels of professionalism at all times
  11. Maintaining a positive attitude and helping create an enjoyable atmosphere for staff
  12. Maintain a clean and organized working environment; ensure customer service standards are met
  13. Ensure that guests have an amazing experience with us
  14. Provide information about the company, including tours offered


  • Experience as a Stewardess or other similar position in the hospitality industry
  • Experience in boats and fishing gear required