Sardinia Diving Tour Guide

The Sardinia Diving Tour Guide is responsible for leading divers on a diving tour of Sardinia, Italy. This includes overseeing the entire dive operation, including organizing and leading the SCUBA divers to their sites, ensuring appropriate equipment is available, and ensuring that all dive plans are followed.

You will be providing safe, professional, and fun diving experiences to visitors on their vacation. This includes creating a safe and memorable experience for the divers and instructors, as well as creating a safe and enjoyable experience for guests.

Sardinia diving tour guide


  1. Lead divers on a dive tour of Sardinia, Italy
  2. Serve as a guide for guest groups on a variety of special dives
  3. Ensure appropriate equipment is available for each diver
  4. Manage dive operation in accordance with guidelines set forth by DAN (Divers Alert Network)
  5. Ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance to personal safety guidelines
  6. Develop a safety plan for each guest group diving trip
  7. Ensure all dive plans are followed without deviation from normal course of action
  8. Ensure all guests are briefed before their activities and are comfortable participating in their chosen activity
  9. Keep up to date on current regulations and practices
  10. Maintain a professional image at all times
  11. Maintain high quality standards in customer service, work ethic, presentation, customer/client relations, etc.
  12. Maintain a safe and clean environment for guests while they are on the island
  13. Maintain knowledge of local culture, history, geography


  • Experience as an SCUBA Diver or Dive Master
  • Strong communication skills