Sardinia Cooking Class Chef

We are looking for a Sardinia Cooking Class Chef in each city of the island for the development and execution of the cooking classes offered by our company.

The Sardinia Cooking Class Chef is responsible for the development and execution of the cooking classes. They will be responsible for developing curriculum, designing and delivering high-quality traditional food demonstrations, and managing the entire course of a cooking class.

The Sardinia Cooking Class Experience Cook is will be creating an unforgettable culinary experience for guests of the cooking class. The cooker will be a professional who is passionate about providing a memorable culinary experience to the guests, including food preparation, cooking. They will deliver the tour in a lively and engaging way, including cooking demonstrations, tastings, and conversations.

Sardinia cooking class chef


  1. Design and deliver high-quality food demonstrations that are appropriate for the target audience
  2. Prepare all of the food for the cooking classes
  3. Manage the entire course of a cooking class, including but not limited to setting up, leading, directing, and cleaning up after each event
  4. Teach students about Italian food, ingredients, and techniques
  5. Follow recipes to prepare all of the dishes for each class
  6. Maintain cleanliness in the kitchen
  7. Prepare and cook a three course meal in their home kitchen with fresh ingredients and recipes
  8. Prepare and serve three courses to guests of the cooking class
  9. Set up and maintain a clean, well-organized kitchen that is safe for guests to use
  10. Serve all dishes in a timely fashion
  11. Maintain professionalism, courteousness, and cheerfulness throughout the experience
  12. Ensure all dishes are presented with flair and style
  13. Follow safety guidelines outlined by the chef, including wearing proper clothing, appropriate footwear, and using good cutting techniques
  14. Conduct tours in English, German, Russian, French, or Spanish
  15. Maintain general knowledge about the region’s cuisine
  16. Ensure guests enjoy their experience by providing feedback as needed
  17. Provide tips on how to cook at home
  18. Receive feedback from guests on their tour experience
  19. Deliver a 5 star tour experience to guests each day
  20. You’ll have to be at least 18 years old, and have a passion for food and wine
  21. Keep track of group members and know who needs assistance with what


  • Be punctual for all classes, as well as on time for any other events you’re scheduled for on behalf of this company
  • Ensure that everyone has a great experience in your classes